Carpet Cleaning

Saint Petersburg Carpet Cleaning Services

Over time, constant foot traffic, spills, pet accidents, and more leave carpets dirty and dull. Our professional carpet cleaning services in Saint Petersburg, FL can deep clean carpets throughout your home to restore beauty and improve air quality.

Our powerful hot water extraction systems inject heated cleaning solutions deep into your carpets to lift up and remove ground-in particles from the base of the fibers.

Benefits of Our Carpet Cleaning

Our steam carpet cleaning services provide:

  • Improved appearance by lifting dirt from carpet fibers
  • Healthier home by removing allergens, bacteria and dust mites
  • Odor elimination from smoke, pets, spills and mildew
  • Extended carpet life by preventing premature wear from dirt
  • Enhanced air quality by extracting toxins in fibers

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We take great care in cleaning Saint Petersburg carpets:

  • Vacuum thoroughly prior to deep cleaning
  • Pretreat heavily soiled high traffic areas
  • Steam clean using pressurized hot water to flush away dirt
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove cleaning solution residues
  • Groom fibers to restore a uniform appearance
  • Use powerful air movers to quickly dry carpets

Our carpet cleaners are IICRC certified. We move furniture and clean wall-to-wall with corner tools leaving no spots untouched. Contact us today to refresh your carpets!

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