6 Steps to Pamper Your Precious Rugs Before Professional Cleaning

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Your rugs work hard every day to lend beauty and comfort to your home. Give them some TLC with professional cleaning! Proper prep ensures your rugs get the full rejuvenating treatment they deserve. Follow these six pre-cleaning pointers from the rug care pros.

Clear the Floor Space

Remove all furniture from the rug area so cleaners can access every inch of the surface and address any hidden stains. Don’t let that troublesome tomato sauce blotch under the couch evade its cleaning fate!

Transport with Care

Roll up rugs snugly but gently, avoiding creases. This keeps them secure during transportation and minimizes stress on fibers. Our pros demonstrate the ideal rolling method for your rugs’ size and material.

Leave Spot Removal to the Experts

Avoid DIY stain removal – solutions you use could interact with professional cleaners’ formulas, complicating the process. Allow our experts to assess and treat stains for optimal results.

Select a Pet-Friendly Cleaning Area

When cleaning rugs at home prior to pickup, choose a low-traffic spot like the garage where pets won’t interrupt the process. Bonus points if you can use fans to speed drying time!

Pin Up Delicate Fringes

Secure braided, looped or tassel fringes with cotton string or ribbon before cleaning. This shields delicate ends from damage during washing and drying steps.

Share Special Needs

Inform cleaners about fragile embellishments, worn spots, or stubborn odors. This allows them to tailor their approach, using gentler methods on fragile areas and more vigorous scrubbing on heavy grime.

Show Your Rugs Some Love!

By taking these simple steps to pamper your rugs pre-cleaning, you’ll ensure the deep, rejuvenating treatment they deserve and maximize longevity. Trust our rug care specialists to revitalize your rugs with tender loving care. Contact us today to schedule professional rug cleaning and refresh your floors!

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